The Tallest Man on Earth
Greasychoirboy shared Kristian Mattson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth, back in May, and got me hooked on Mattson’s folky twang and soothing banjo. Being compared to Bob Dylan, I’d expect him to be a bit more wary about taking on possible comparisons to another American music idol, this time Paul Simon. The Tallest Man on Earth does a great job on this cover of “Graceland”, replacing the afro-pop styling which Simon introduced us to with more traditional folk sounds. Not afraid to rearrange the composition a bit, Mattson is able to make the song his own (an impressive feat for such a huge song) and emotion runs throughout the whole tune. By making it so different, Mattson saves me the impossible trouble of choosing between the two, giving me a duo of awesome versions of a personal favorite. Check it out below and see for yourself how it compares to the original.

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