Getting back to PRM’s origins as a music blog, I have decided to publish monthly playlists featuring some of the songs that I can’t get out of my head. This will feature songs and artists new to the world, and also songs and artists that I’ve recently re-discovered. Nothing is off-limits, though we will try to keep things fresh and not list many hits. The hope is that you can use these “playlists” to quickly familiarize yourself with some new artists and music. Ideally, sharing these songs will get them out of my head, and into yours.

Now sit tight, this won’t hurt a bit…

(youtube and spotify playlists available at the bottom of the page)

The Songs

Album cover for Summer Song by Matt Duncan Summer Song – Matt Duncan

I’ll start this out with a pick that obviously fits the season, but that I reckon you haven’t heard before unless I’ve played it for you. Matt Duncan produced this entirely on his own, playing all of the instruments and layering them over one another to create the complete sound you hear on this track. “Summer Song” is just that, and a perfect song to listen to while enjoying the season.



If and When by Margaret Glaspy cover artYou’re Smiling (But I don’t Believe You) – Margaret Glaspy

She is an artist to look out for, and I doubt this will be the last you hear of her. Margaret Glaspy’s song, “You’re Smiling (But I don’t Believe You)” provides some angst to constrast with the peppy warmth of summer. Try playing it as you drive back from the beach on Sunday and have to work the next day. If you’re a teacher, save this for your first day back to school in August.



Album cover for Midwest Farmer's Daughter by Margo Price

Since You Put Me Down – Margo Price

Summer love, which we all like to talk about, is often followed by summer breakups. While less talked-about, summer-breakups are real, and Margo Price knows how to deal. “Since you put me down, I’ve been drinking just to drown.” You can’t put it much better than that.



Album cover for Greensky Bluegrass Live All Access Volume 1Time > Breath Reprise > – Greensky Bluegrass

I have an unabashed appreciated for covers. It seems like a safe bet to call this the best bluegrass cover of a Pink Floyd song. Greensky Bluegrass invigorates the original with increased tempo, and are able to preserve the emotions of the carefully crafted lyrics. This is a novelty song that outlives the novelty and deserves a spot on your summer playlists.



Album cover for Stranger to Stranger by Paul SimonThe Werewolf – Paul Simon

Immediately recognizable, yet like nothing else you’ve ever heard. That is how Paul Simon’s Werewolf feels to me. Initially the influence of Simon seems artificial, this is too Paul Simon. After listening to the whole song, this criticism grows into a compliment. This is a song by an artist who knows who he is, and what he does. Paul Simon gives you a taste of world music (from America to Europe, Africa, and India) in just over 3 minutes, and it still feels like home.



Album cover for Fire by Barns CourtneyFire – Barns Courtney

This is a song for chasing sunsets – or outrunning them – whichever you prefer. Full of energy, Barns Courtney give us a rustic up-tempo jam for summer nights that favor whistling and clapping to synths and bass drums. Perfect for running or out-running, this song may provide an answer or some enjoyment if you find yourself in a troubled spot this summer.



Album cover for In the morning... by Shine DelphiIn the morning… – Shine Delphi

Whether you set this for your alarm in the morning, or queue it for your morning commute, the opening track from Shine Delphi’s debut album will help prepare you to face the day. Soothing yet purposeful, Shine uses his warmth to urge the listener to greet the day with intent and work towards your goals. Seriously consider replacing your buzzer alarm with these sweet sounds, “and watch as your dreams unfold.” Read more about Shine, HERE.



Album cover for Light upon the Lake by WhitneyDave’s Song – Whitney

A perfect introduction to Whitney’s lo-fi nostalgia, “Dave’s Song”, has one of the catchiest hooks off “Light Upon the Lake”, the debut album for a band that is recieving a lot of positive feedback from critics. Familiarize yourself with Whitney’s sound, so you can feel hip when they become the next big thing (if they haven’t done that already).




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