Winner of the place I want to go back to ASAP. I spent a few days in Olympic National Park in Northwestern Washington, yet didn’t get to see nearly as much as I wanted. I was inhibited in part by snow at the higher altitudes in early April, but there’s also so much to be seen. Walking through a rainforest in a temperate climate was an experience to behold. Constantly, I looked around amazed by the volume and variety of green within eyesight. The cool, rainy, always damp conditions left me very appreciative of having a dry place to sleep indoors at night, but next time I’ll have to come prepared and venture deeper into the jungle. After all, I didn’t even see Mount Olympus due to cloud cover. Since the dreariness made the greens of the forest all the brighter, it wasn’t much of an issue to me.

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  1. Karol

    That’s the only must see from our list, which we haven’t visited during our big 2007 West Coast trip… Seeing your pictures makes me even more sorry than before 🙁


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