Lana Del Rey recently made a splash in the news due to her recent performance on SNL. Unlike most who watched her perform and criticized it, I became a fan as I saw her soulful performance with harmonies and vocals to hook you in. Although her live performance on SNL left something to be desired, I have provided two songs performed acoustically for your enjoyment. Give them a listen and experience her soulful sound for yourself below. British producer, Eyela Beret, has put together a great remix of Del Rey’s hit “Blue Jeans”. Keeping the womps and wobbles on the mellow side Eyela Beret allows Lana Del Rey’s vocals to remain the focal point for the song. Give these tracks a listen below, enjoy!

[soundowl track_id=”2mj9″ title=”Blue Jeans” artist=”Lana Del Rey (Eyela Beret Bootlet)” url=”lana-del-ray-blue-jeans-eyela-beret-bootleg-remixmp3″ ]

[soundowl track_id=”2mj8″ title=”Blue Jeans” artist=”Lana Del Rey” url=”lana-del-rey-blue-jeans-live-at-the-premisesmp3″ ]

[soundowl track_id=”2mj7″ title=”Video Games” artist=”Lana Del Rey” url=”lana-del-rey-video-games-live-at-the-premisesmp3″ ]

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