One of the best things about my cross-country road trip was catching up with family and friends who I am unable to see very often due to long distances separating us. In Idaho I was able to spend a weekend with a high school friend of mine and his girlfriend. In the past 3 years we have spent more time together in foreign states and countries than in our home-state of Pennsylvania. It’s always a pleasure to experience new places with old friends.

After travelling through Oregon on my own, a weekend of relaxation where I could fall back into guest-mode was a luxury. Our day-trip to the Owyhee Canyonlands was highlighted by a visit to the stunning Leslie Gulch, and a scramble up a nearby butte when our original plan to hike The Three Fingers was halted by an impassable muddy road (and a brief scare with a stuck vehicle which I helped to dig out with a screw-driver). On Easter Sunday we visited the church of nature within Boise National Forest, hiking up switchbacks to gain a view of the mountains in the distance.

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  1. Karol

    Oh c’mon!
    I thought you were supposed to lead some archeological site in PA and not to keep traveling all the time. Some old, grounded people are jelaous here!

    • Karol

      Ah, these are older pictures, sorry.
      Then OK, you may keep posting them 😉

      • Ross Owen
        Ross Owen

        I’m still catching up from my trip during the Spring. After this week I’ll be posting about my summer work and current adventures.

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